Elango is an artist with a deep and passionate appreciation for human emotions which we sometimes fail to express; this is reflected strongly in his artwork. He had been drawing and painting for all of his life.

Elango had taken this art from his father Raman (Raman Arts) at the age of 11. His father Raman had been practicing the art for 35 years. Elango used to spend his entire childhood in his father’s studio. Painting from his childhood makes a brush in Elango’s hand felt completely natural; so it was no surprise that he excelled in art. After his father demise he spent some time with his elder brother in a photo studio which made him quite unique with the lighting technique which reflects in his paintings.

After few years Elango decides that he wants to be on his own that’s when he started “Elango Arts”. In the initial stage it’s not an easy road for him but still his passion and joy towards the art doesn’t reduce. Elango has a vast experience in manual painting, with digital painting is in the current trend some artist finds it difficult to adapt to technology but Elango does it with ease. Likewise how Elango gets this art form from his father is now passing it to his two sons.

Discover the world of Art through Elango Arts. Our main motive is to create a beautiful and emotional moments for our customers through our paintings. We create ( Oil Painting, Acrylic, Water Color, Line Drawing & Transparent photo color work.) Convert your precious photographs into Digital portrait painting. Highlight to our work is where we recreate your damaged photos into a beautiful painting. We create different paintings according to your requirement, landscape, sentries, abstract paintings, etc

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Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean.

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